The Havre de’ Grace winning band number is #274

This page of our website is dedicated to our 2012 FREE  Sea Duck Hunt bird band giveaway with Ocean State Outfitters.

That’s right you may have won and may still have the chance to win a

FREE Sea Duck HUNT with Ocean State Outfitters.

If you received a FREE bird band from one of our hunting shows check to see if the number on your band matches the number at the bottom of this page. If it matches you just WON!! a Completely free “2” 1/2 days of hunting for sea ducks. This does not include your license, travel, food or lodging. Just the hunt……anyone that comes with you on your hunt will receive 10% off the total cost of his or her hunt as well.

You can claim your prize anytime this season but the hunt must take place in this calendar year of 2012.

Once Jan 1, 2013 comes around your bands will be NO GOOD!!

We will be doing this at every show we attend this summer. We put a special mark on all winning bands so please stay honest!!!!

The Havre de’ Grace winning band number is #274

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