Sea Duck hunting decoys bring your sea ducks in close for a fast action in your face sea duck hunt you will never forget!

Sea Duck Decoys made affordable, effective and durable. Sea duck decoys and duck decoys custom made in the USA for each customer

Ocean State Outfitters uses sea duck hunting decoys along with a spinning wing duck decoys to draw our birds in close.  These are the most durable,affordable and effective sea duck hunting decoys on the market today!!

SeaDuck Hunting Decoys SDHD, this decoy company is a 100% custom decoy shop catering to clients on a “one on one” personal basis.  Keeping this in mind if your looking to upgrade your arsonal of Sea duck decoys or puddle duck decoys to the next level “DO NOT HESITATE” we are here to give you not only the most durable, effective and affordable decoys custom made to order we will do it with any budget in mind.

SDHD decoys are the only decoy on the market with a 100% life time guarantee for manufacturer defects!  If you break a head send it back we will replace it or send you a new head!   Break a bill we will replace it!


Coming soon for 2013-2014 hunting season……….