World Class Alaska Sea Duck hunting


Capt. Jeremiah Brooks

Sea Duck hunting Alaska the “last frontier”.  Have you ever discovered a hunting spot and feel your the first person to ever step foot there and hunt?  That’s how it is in Alaska.  Remote hunting from our Core Sound Layout boat, on small islands and from the big boat.   

In an effort to keep our Alaska Sea Duck hunts affordable and not raise our rates, each group will pay for fuel in the boat each day.  Average cost per day is $80-$100 divided among your group.   

Price. $3,200 per person

What is included?

  1. Your hunt for four days. 
  2. lodging for up to 4 paying clients
  3. light breakfast
  4. light lunch
  5. transportation to and from airport
  6. a car to share/drive while hunting between all hunters in camp

What we do not provide

  1. Your license, you will need small game, HIP survey and state/federal duck stamp.  Cost about $75.00
  2. Dinner each night
  3. Gun and ammo

Bring cloths to stay dry and warm. Waders are always a plus!

Fly into Ketchikan Alaska

Bring a head lamp, hand warmers.

The hunts each day will depend on mother nature keeping safety in mind as it is paramount.  Please understand we cannot and do not control the weather in South East AK.  It is not uncommon to lose a day of hunting due to weather.  Please keep this in mind when booking your trip.  


If you have any questions about our Alaska sea duck hunting please feel free to reach out to me by phone or email.

When you book your hunt with us please keep in mind this is a trophy sea duck hunt.  The waterfowl harvested should be plumed out and worthy of immortalization through the art of taxidermy.  

Alaska state and Federal regulations will be adhered to and followed without exception. 


Capt. Jeremiah Brooks

USCG 100 Ton Master