You have found the absolute best sea duck hunting guide service and this is the beginning to your future sea duck hunt of a lifetime.

Ocean State Outfitters ® 

We hunt sea ducks from Maine to New York.

When it comes down to it every sea duck hunting guide in our area of the East Coast|Atlantic flyway shares in the fact that we have and hold an abundance of sea ducks along with a wide variety of other waterfowl that can be harvested on your hunt.  With that being said we are a TROPHY ORIENTED guide service.  We will not go out day after day and pile up birds that are not known for being table fare.  We as a guide service and you as our hunters/clients need to be stewards of our natural resource.  Please keep this in mind wile researching us for your future hunt.

Ocean State Outfitters ®

It’s very simple.  Ocean State Outfitters® Capt. Jeremiah feels it is a privilege to share his successful way of sea duck hunting with you.


 Ocean State Outfitters is the best sea duck hunting guide service on the East Coast|Atlantic flyway hands down.  We achieved that fact through dedication, motivations, integrity and commitment to you and the success of your hunt. Ocean State Outfitters is sincerely dedicated and committed to producing what we sell each and every day;  the absolute best sea duck hunting experience available     

I know you have choices where to spend your hard earned money, and we appreciate you giving us your business and the opportunity to earn your business.

I personally invite you to experience our dedication, motivation, integrity and commitment to your success. These are our core values added to your hunt that will take it from “bagging a lot of birds” to the “sea duck hunt of a lifetime” where you bag your trophy birds, share camaraderie, laugh and have fun doing it.    

Thank you for your consideration and the opportunity to earn your business.

 Ocean State Outfitter ® (OSO),

 “The Best Sea Duck Hunting Guide Service on the East Coast”!

Capt. Jeremiah Brooks


RATES for Sea Duck Hunting

Ocean State Outfitters ® specializes in sea duck hunting by harvesting mature, trophy Common Eider, Old squaw, diver ducks and all three species of Scoter. Our hunts take place in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and surrounding New England areas where our vast majestic shore-line provides prime habitat for Atlantic Flyway Sea duck hunting.

Captain Jeremiah Brooks will personalize your sea duck hunt targeting any species of duck; within our part of the Atlantic fly way. Our goal here at Ocean State Outfitters™ is to assist you in harvesting the sea ducks and other waterfowl you need to complete your trophy room, or would just enjoy hunting.

Whether you’re looking to go trophy sea duck hunting, puddle duck hunting or put the hammer down on some huge Canadian Geese, OSO has the prime locations and top guides for sea duck hunting in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and surrounding New England areas.

Feel free to give us a call to arrange your next sea duck hunting adventure.

We appreciate your business.  Please read our terms and conditions that apply to all our hunting and fishing charters.

Feel free to give us a call to arrange your next sea duck hunting adventure.


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