Sea Duck hunting in New England  can be very unpredictable. Be prepared for temperatures ranging from the upper 40s down to 0. Wind, rain, and snow are always possible.

For clothing we recommend: What ever you think you need to stay warm and dry for the duration of your hunt/hunts!
Bring a pair of NON-glare sunglasses!           

For shotguns we recommend a 10-gauge or 12-gauge with a 3.0-3.5-inch
chamber. For shells, we suggest a minimum of 2 boxes per person per day,
you cant shoot anything bigger than BB (State law) Please bring the size
of shot that shoots best out of your shot gun. All shot shells must be NON-Toxic. 

You will also need: Depending on the state we are hunting!
* Photo ID
* A state duck stamp as well as a federal duck stamp.

Hunting Seasons and dates will vary depending on the state we hunt!
Remember you can hunt on Sunday in Rhode Island but not Massachusetts, which means one more day of hunting on the weekend and one less day you take off work.

 If we hunt Rhode Island you will have to buy your license when you
arrive. You will need a HUNTERS safety card or certificate with you to purchase your out of state license. The cost for a three (3) day license and state duck stamp $23.50.  For a full year hunting and state duck stamp $52.50

Hunting license and state duck stamp in MA are $70.50

Remember OSO is offering you a hunting experience of a lifetime!  We do
not offer a KILLING experience of a lifetime.