Eider Down for Clothing

Eider Down

Here at OSO we take complete care of our hunters by cleaning the days harvest ,vacuum seal the meat and freeze it for the journey home.   

The rest of the duck does not go to waist.  During the plucking process we harvest the highly sought after Eiderdown.  Eiderdown is extremely rare, and is the softest, lightest and warmest down in the world.    

Eiderdown, when used in comforters (or duvets) and pillows, tests at approximately 700 fill power. Yet, due to the “hooks” in the eiderdown cluster it has a phenomenal density and cling and insulates at an amazing 850 to 900 fill power. If you were to hold a small amount of eiderdown in the palm of your hand you would feel no weight, just soft growing warmth.   

If you would like some of our Eiderdown please feel free to contact us.